Ler Devagar Bookshop

ler devagar bookshop at lx factory
Lisboa, Portugal

The project consisted of installing the Ler Devagar bookshop in a large warehouse where until not so long ago a printing workshop was operating. A relic of that time, a large rotary printer was left behind, like a sleeping giant, around which it was necessary to gain some  space. Our proposal was simply to conceive a set of straightforward guidelines for prompt action. The result was a near invisible work of cleaning, subtraction and territorial organization.


project: ler devagar bookshop at lx factory
location: lisboa, portugal
client: ler devagar bookshop
program: transforming a printing workshop  in bookshop and art gallery
built area: 1000 m2
project status: built
date: 2009
architecture: kaputt!
project team: sérgio antunes, irene bonacchi, ana brütt, sofia reis couto, rita ferreira, horácio guedes, kirill de lancastre jedenov, filipe moreira, manuel ribeiro